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Equinox mini-Moment

The folks at Worldwide Moment are bringing you another opportunity to participate in an online photography moment. From Equinox mini-Moment What does a new season look like all around the world? That’s the question we want you to answer by … Continue reading

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My Oldest Possession(s)

These are my juggling balls. I’ve had them since June 1986, when I purchased them from a magic/circus shop in the Melbourne CBD. I’m not a grand juggler by any stretch of the imagination:  I taught myself to juggle from … Continue reading

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I’ve been tagged (again)

About this time last week, I was tagged by alicethelma. Given that I already had another tag in the “do this soon box”, I had to put this one hold until I finished that one – it’s now finished, so … Continue reading

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6 Thangs

I was tagged by billythekid to write six little-known thangs about myself (yes, I also have another tag waiting by alicethelma but that one is gonna have to wait a few more days) so here I go: In the 90s, … Continue reading

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