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World Pinhole Day 2019 – Mr Rabbit, Leaking

This is one of four images shot for this year’s World Pinhole Day and it is the image that has been selected as the image to upload to World Pinhole Day website (you will be able to see the image … Continue reading

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TL;DR Don’t Ever Do That Again

Terrance, h3rg1dri529 and I rode to the post office and shops. We walked home. Not too far from home, Terrance’s basket snapped. In the middle of the road. Whilst we were walking through the bicycle/pedestrian crossing with a red light.

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Getting There (and Back Again)

This is Terrance, having a wee break towards the end of the path on the way to work: he’s a poser, he is.

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That Rock

This is Terrance the Townie making a detour on the ride to work to have a visit with That Rock. The sea has more than a few stitching issues – but I’m good with that.

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