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Foolish Donkey: Naughty Boy Café Closed Edition

Naughty Boy Cafe, closed to assist with social distancing Chairs on tables, locks on doors, signs in windows. Benches are resting (walk on by). Feel the silence: touch the sky. The Foolish Donkey has made its decision that this image … Continue reading

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My Oldest Possession(s)

These are my juggling balls. I’ve had them since June 1986, when I purchased them from a magic/circus shop in the Melbourne CBD. I’m not a grand juggler by any stretch of the imagination:  I taught myself to juggle from … Continue reading

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A 23 Story

Might as well start with a picture. This one is wordier than the other. But it still all boils down to: you find what are looking for.  But wait, there’s a bit before that. I’m writing this post as a … Continue reading

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23 on the 23rd

Join this flickr group and upload a 23 on the 23rd of each month.  If you play blogshares, you’ll get 23 chippies for one picture each 23rd of every month.

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Testing Flickr Manager

Took this photo a few weeks back whilst in Canberra. Actually, whilst on my way out of Canberra – at the airport. Yet another 23 for my collection.  Never can have enough 23s, can one?

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